2-in-1 Relaxing Combo pack: Butterfly Blue Pea + Chamomile Lavender Tea
This Caffeine free combination of the Butterfly Blue Pea Flower Tea & All Natural Lavender and Chamomile Tea is made to relax your body and mind. Experience the fragrance of Lavender and the Taste and Benefits of Chamomile. Relax and Get...
Rs. 578.00 from Rs. 399.00
Pack of Royalty: Royal Masala Chai + Kashmiri Kahwa Detox Tea
The touch of royalty in this combination of Royal Teas.  A traditional drink of the Kashmir valley, Kashmiri Kahwa Detox Tea is a perfect blend of green tea, cardamom, cinnamon and saffron. This tea has incredible health benefits like beautiful...
Rs. 548.00 from Rs. 399.00
Skin Care Pack: Himalayan Green Tea + Health & Glow Tea
This Combo Pack contains 50g/100g of Himalayan Green Tea and 50g/100g of Health and Glow Tisane. Who doesn’t like glowing skin right? Well, TeaSense brings to you its exclusive combo which would not only help your skin glow but also help you heal...
Rs. 448.00 from Rs. 279.00
Health & Wellness Combo: Detox Wellness Tea + Digestive Health Tea
The combination of the Detox Wellness Tea with Digestive Health tea is a perfect blend for the body to stay clean from the inside. The exclusive blend of Digestive Health Tea is recommended for keeping a better stomach and gut...
Rs. 398.00 from Rs. 299.00
Stress Reliever Pack ( Silver Needles White Tea & Orthodox Black Tea)
The special combo uniquely curated for releasing the stress in the body and mind. The delicate flavour of the White tea is naturally low in caffeine. When taken alternately with the nutty flavoured black tea, these two make the best...
Rs. 1,048.00 from Rs. 799.00
Immunity Shot Pack: Hibiscus Flower Tea + Immunity Booster Tea
Combination of Immunity Booster and Hibiscus Tea is the best combination of keeping your health in check. Immunity Booster Tea is a concoction of superfoods quality herbs and spices that are meant to boost your immunity and improve your health. Hibiscus...
Rs. 648.00 from Rs. 329.00
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