• What can you do with brewed Tea Leaves??

    What can you do with brewed Tea Leaves??

    Uses of Brewed Tea Leaves After you drink your favorite Tea, what do you do with the brewed leaves. Well don’t throw them away. We can reuse them to do something positive. Whether it is brewing another cup, cleaning our house or care for our plants.   Use Brewed Tea leaves to Deodorize your refrigerator or your shoes Fill a bowl with used green...
  • Straight From the Gardens

    Straight From the Gardens

    Straight From the Gardens Tea has been traded and passed from one hand to another since colonial times. Earlier TEA after manufacturing used to be purchased by local traders and then these Teas used to stay in their warehouses for quite some time before they were sold to end consumers as per demand. Further, in this process, Teas got transferred from one wholesaler /...
  • Flavourful Cups

    Flavourful Cups

    Flavourful Cups CTC Tea (Chai) Assam tea steeps up to a deep ruby-colored liquid with a rich malty flavor tending toward the bitter side. Teas from Dooars are dark and full-bodied, yet not as strong as Assam teas. The brew from this leaf is richly coloured,they taste spicy and liqueur-like. Both Assam and Doaars CTC tea takes milk well and can usually use a...
  • Colors of Tea

    Colors of Tea

    Different Colors of Tea Liqueur CTC Tea India's preferred drink also known as CHAI. Millions around the world swear by the taste and strength of this Tea. Manufactured using the CTC machines, Leaves processed using the CTC method are not rolled, but are placed through cylindrical rollers with small teeth. The rollers crush, tear and curl the tea leaves, hence the name of the...
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