Straight From the Gardens


Straight From the Gardens

Tea has been traded and passed from one hand to another since colonial times. Earlier TEA after manufacturing used to be purchased by local traders and then these Teas used to stay in their warehouses for quite some time before they were sold to end consumers as per demand. Further, in this process, Teas got transferred from one wholesaler / stockist to another. In this cumbersome traditional practice, Teas lost their freshness and many times the Teas got spoilt and additives were added to make it look fresh.
Times have changed but the same old process continues. Now Teas, after they are manufactured, are listed in various Auctions. Before the Teas are listed in Auction Catalogues, they are stored in auction warehouses for over a month. Once the Teas are sold they are transferred to the buyers' warehouse and then again packaged and sent to a distributor and then the sub-distributor and then the retailer. This entire logjam takes about 6-8 months wherein Teas lose their freshness and their actual character.

We at TEA SENSE take pride in providing Teas directly from the garden. Unlike advertised by many offline and online stores, their Teas take a good amount of time to reach consumers because of their locational disadvantage. We are based in the foothills of Darjeeling. Most of Darjeeling, Dooars Tea Gardens are within 2-3 hours drive. The Tea we get is fresh and pure and direct from the gardens. We eliminate unnecessary middlemen and delay of slow bulky transport.
Our method is quick, fast and we can deliver the freshest Teas. The only delay in our process is the Tasting and Blending part wherein we get samples from different tea gardens, and we taste every lot and hand-pick only the best of lots and blend them to get our TEASENSE tone of teas with rich flavour and aroma.
Try our Teas from and experience the freshness.

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