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TEA SENSE Bed of Roses Green Tea
100g (50 Cups+)
TEA SENSE Blue Chamomile Green Tea
100g (50 Cups+)
TEA SENSE Butterfly Blue Pea Flower Tea
25g (25 Cups+)50g (50 Cups+)

TEA SENSE Butterfly Blue Pea Flower Tea

Rs. 249.00 – Rs. 379.00
TEA SENSE Classic Green Tea
500g (250 Cups+)

TEA SENSE Classic Green Tea

Rs. 699.00Rs. 679.00

Why Tea Sense?

Bringing the best Tea blends for our tea aficionados from around the world, TeaSense takes pride in curating the best quality tea blends from the highest altitude authentic Darjeeling tea gardens. Vacuum packing of our teas ensures that they preserve their aroma freshness and original taste for much longer.


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Purnima Madaan

Refreshing, light, rejuvenating tea straight from Darjeeling. A perfect blend of tea in its purest form for every tea enthusiast. I'm an extreme Green Tea person, I gulp couple of cups of TeaSense green tea in a day!

Manya Vittal

My mornings are incomplete without a Cup of Tea & Onion Pakoda. Here sipping Black Tea by TeaSense. And I loved it to the core. I liked their CTC Milk Tea & Green Tea too.These come directly from the heaven (Darjeeling). If you are a #tealover like me, then do give it a try 🙌

Ankita Jaiswal

Nothing better than waking up to a strong, aromatic, freshly brewed Black Tea straight from Darjeeling. Been loving sipping on TeaSense Teas with my breakfast bowls these days.