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Tea Sense is an Indian Ayurvedic Herbal Tea Brand. We offer health in every sip.

Your Teas As you please!

Your wellness, our prowess - that’s the way we look at it. Irrespective of your worry, we have a tea ready for you already.

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My mornings are incomplete without a Cup of Tea & Onion Pakoda. Here sipping Black Tea by TeaSense. And I loved it to the core. I liked their CTC Milk Tea & Green Tea too. These come directly from the heaven (Darjeeling). If you are a #tealover like me, then do give it a try 🙌
Manya Vittal
Refreshing, light, rejuvenating tea straight from Darjeeling. A perfect blend of tea in its purest form for every tea enthusiast. I'm an extreme Green Tea person, I gulp couple of cups of TeaSense green tea in a day!

Purnima Madaan
Nothing better than waking up to a strong, aromatic, freshly brewed Black Tea straight from Darjeeling. Been loving sipping on TeaSense Teas with my breakfast bowls these days.

Ankita Jaiswal
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