• Lush Tea Gardens

    Lush Tea Gardens

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    Lush Tea Gardens The beautiful and charming tea gardens in and around Darjeeling are a remnant of the colonial past. Tea was first introduced to this Himalayan city in West Bengal in the mid-19th century by the British, and these sprawling tea estates are still reminiscent of that culture. A trip to these vast stretches of tea plantations is all about misty mornings, tea...
  • Green Tea - An effective Fat Burner

    Green Tea - An effective Fat Burner

    Green Tea - An effective Fat Burner Green Tea contains many beneficial compounds and is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. TEA SENSE provides you some of the finest green teas from the highest altitudes of Darjeeling hills. Green tea is produced from non-fermented leaves and derived directly from drying fresh tea leaves, is a popular drink consumed every day by hundreds of millions...
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