TEA SENSE Lemongrass Masala Chai Pyramid Tea Bags (15 Pc)

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Size: 15 Pcs Box

15 Pcs Box

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About Our Tea

Experience a Zesty Fusion of Flavors!

Welcome to Tea Sense, where we bring you the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with our Lemongrass Masala Chai. Our carefully crafted blend features a delightful combination of CTC Tea, Lemongrass, Ginger, Cardamom, Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Black Pepper, offering a unique and invigorating chai experience.

Most convenient to carry anywhere as all Tea Bags come in freshness sealed sachets. Just tear open a sachet and put the tea bag in cup of hot water to savour the flavours of this premium Tea.

Key Ingredients for an Exquisite Blend:
🌿 CTC Tea: Our Lemongrass Masala Chai starts with premium CTC Tea, known for its bold and robust flavor. This strong base ensures a satisfying and full-bodied cup of tea with each brew.
🍃 Lemongrass: Embrace the zesty freshness of Lemongrass, which adds a citrusy kick to our chai, revitalizing your senses and delivering a refreshing twist to traditional masala chai.
🌶️ Ginger: The warmth of Ginger perfectly complements the Lemongrass, infusing the blend with a subtle spiciness that adds depth and balance to the overall flavor profile.
🌿 Cardamom: This aromatic spice contributes a sweet and floral note, elevating our masala chai to a harmonious symphony of flavors.
🌸 Clove: With its intense and aromatic profile, Clove imparts a comforting warmth to the blend, making every sip a soothing experience.
🍂 Cinnamon: Enjoy the subtle sweetness and warmth of Cinnamon, which enhances the overall taste and aroma of our Lemongrass Masala Chai.
🌰 Nutmeg: Adding a touch of nutty goodness, Nutmeg brings a comforting essence that lingers on your palate, creating a truly indulgent chai experience.
🔥 Black Pepper: The final touch of Black Pepper adds a gentle kick, rounding out the flavors and leaving you with a satisfying and well-rounded cup of chai.


Brewing Instructions for the Perfect Cup:
1. Take one Cup of hot water
2. 🍵 Dip one tea bag inside the Cup
3. 🕓Cover the cup for 4-5 minutes to allow the flavors to infuse into the tea.
4. 🥛 Add milk and sweetener of your choice, if desired.
5. ☕ Enjoy your favorite cup and savor the invigorating blend of Lemongrass Masala Chai.

Why Choose Tea Sense - Lemongrass Masala Chai?
🌟 Uniquely Refreshing: Experience the vibrant fusion of zesty Lemongrass, warming spices, and premium CTC Tea, delivering a chai like no other.
🌱 Quality Ingredients: At Tea Sense, we prioritize quality, ensuring that each cup of Lemongrass Masala Chai is an exceptional tea experience.
🍹 Energizing and Uplifting: The refreshing Lemongrass combined with invigorating spices provides an energy boost and uplifts your spirits.
💡 Versatility at Its Best: Enjoy it hot or cold, with or without sweetener; our Lemongrass Masala Chai is a versatile blend suitable for any occasion.
🧡 Handcrafted with Care: Our chai is meticulously crafted with passion and care to provide you with a delightful tea journey.

Discover the Zesty Fusion: With Tea Sense's Lemongrass Masala Chai, every sip takes you on a flavor-filled journey. Embrace the zesty fusion of natural goodness and expert blending, making your tea moments extraordinary.

Add to Cart and Elevate Your Tea Experience: Add Tea Sense - Lemongrass Masala Chai to your cart and elevate your tea experience with this enticing blend. Discover the perfect balance of flavors and make each tea time a delightful affair.


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15 Pcs Box


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