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White tea is a type of tea that has a delicate flavour and is naturally low in caffeine. It is harvested at the start of the season and is comprised of buds and new leaves. White tea gets its name from the white fuzz on the young leaves that helps protect the tea plant’s new growth from insects. Because it is hand-harvested for a short period each year, white tea tends to be more expensive than other teas. Unlike other kinds of teas, these tea leaves are not allowed to be oxidized resulting in the most delicate and freshest tea available. It was the preferred beverage of ancient Chinese emperors and courtesans. It is still revered today for it’s rare and beautiful aromas and flavours alongside health benefits that rival the revered green tea.

  • Rich in Antioxidants.
  • Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease.
  • Help You Lose Weight.
  • Help Protect Your Teeth from Bacteria.
  • Has Compounds That May Fight Cancer.
  • Lower the Risk of Insulin Resistance.
  • Compounds in White Tea May Protect Against Osteoporosis.
  • Helps Combat Skin Aging

Why TeaSense Teas?

At TeaSense, our tea leaves are handpicked from the green tea gardens of Darjeeling, bringing to you the highest quality possible teas. TeaSense teas are the right blend of soothing aromas and refreshing flavors and our vacuum sealed packaging ensures that you have one of the finest experiences of tea in every sip.

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Dilip Kumar
Great Packing and Amazing Taste

Just loved the taste of tea. Received the product in really short time.

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