Tea Liquor

Tea Liquor

Different Color of the TEA CUP

When we talk of Tea Liquor, it means the resulting liquor or liquid produced after brewing tea. There are many kinds of teas and liquors of all Teas will be different. Liquor of the Tea depends on various factors like the quality of tea leaf, altitude of the tea plant, the manufacturing process, brewing of tea, etc.

There are certain terms that you will hear Tea aficionados using to describe Tea Liquor:
· Bright – denotes a lively fresh tea with good keeping quality.
· Empty – a liquor lacking fullness. No substance.
· Full – a good combination of strength and colour.
· Metallic – a sharp coppery taste.
· Thick – liquor with good colour and strength.

The above would sound a little confusing or hard to grasp. We at TEA Sense have devised 4 principles that can help anyone understand Tea and its liquor:
1) Color and Strength – This refers to the most basic and distinguishable character of Tea - The Color. Different Teas will have different colors. The color, as well as the depth of color together, define the amount of tannin that the tea has brought out. The same kind of Tea with a different color of liquor will tell a lot about Tea and its quality.
2) Aroma – This perhaps is one of the most exquisite characters of the liquor. Be it the fragrance, after the tea is brewed or the aroma that travels up the nasal cavity as you take a sip of the Tea Blend. This is one of the main aspects when choosing tea for our blends.
3) Flavour – All tea will differ from the other in terms of taste. TEA SENSE gives main priority to this factor when choosing a particular lot for the blends. Taste in tea can be defined as sweet to woody, bitter to earthy, mild to strong or smoky.
4) Aftertaste – All teas will have an aftertaste. The taste that you have at the back of the throat after you have consumed your teas. The sweet or bitter aftertaste that you experience differs with different teas and different grades.

It is the cup of liquor that determines the character of the Tea. It takes years of practice and a lot of patience to learn the subtle art of tea tasting. The practice to identify every tone, every aroma and every little detail that makes the tea perfect is an art in itself.


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