• Straight From the Gardens

    Straight From the Gardens

    Straight From the Gardens Tea has been traded and passed from one hand to another since colonial times. Earlier TEA after manufacturing used to be purchased by local traders and then these Teas used to stay in their warehouses for quite some time before they were sold to end consumers as per demand. Further, in this process, Teas got transferred from one wholesaler /...
  • Hard Working Tea Pluckers

    Hard Working Tea Pluckers

    Hard Working Tea Pluckers of the Tea Gardens of Darjeeling Inside the stunning Tea Estates, women naturally pluck tea leaves to prime them before production. Everything is handcrafted and done manually without any automation. Life of a Tea Plucker Wake up!Rise before the sun. Breakfast and lunch are prepared and packed. Children are sent to school. And then off to the tea garden she...
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